Oquirrh Mountain Temple Film–Mykaleen & Nate

Despite the constant wind that attends the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, I absolutely love filming there.  This is the fourth wedding I’ve done for the wonderful Seguin family, and it’s always a wonderful occasion.  Mykaleen and Nate were so much fun to work with, and thankfully we weren’t caught by the temple attendants when we climbed the wall for a fun shot with the groomsmen.  Enjoy!

Logan Temple Film – Lisa & Aaron

I had the opportunity to film a fun love story with Lisa & Aaron before the big day.  We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon, and had some fun hiking around and making smores.  It was great!

And then I had the wonderful privilege of shooting their temple film up at the Logan Temple.  I really love it up there, it’s so beautiful!  Hope you enjoy this!

Keelee & Jason Prewedding Film

So Jason came to us and said, “I have this really cool idea.  Have you ever seen the music video for Billy Ocean’s ‘Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car’?”  Go look it up on YouTube if you’ve never seen it.  It’s got this hilarious, fun opening that we tried to imitate in our own way.  Jason borrowed the sweet Subaru from a friend, and away we went.  They’re a super sweet couple, and I love how it all turned out!

Newport Beach California Temple Film – Lorie & Brynr

This is definitely on our list of favorite temples to film at now, it was absolutely beautiful!  And, more importantly, it was wonderful to work with Lorie and Brynr.  The whole family was great, the kids were cute, the reception was a blast.  It was just fun.  Their photographer was Scott Jarvie, make sure you check out his work, it’s amazing!

This is the 3rd of our 10 Free Temple Films we’re giving away this year, hope you enjoy it!

Salt Lake Temple Film – Alexis & Daxton

What an amazing couple!  Daxton, a United States Marine, just returned from Afghanistan a couple weeks before his wedding to the beautiful Alexis.  You can see the great love they have for each other and how much they enjoy just finally being together.  It definitely makes you remember to put the important things first in your life.  They were wonderful to work with, as was their photographer, Cecily Cook from Chaos & Bliss Photography.  Let me know what you think of their amazing video!

Salt Lake Temple Film – Kaylie & Branton

Congratulations to Kaylie & Branton!  It was so wonderful to work with them and see them so happy.  I loved all the fun little touches they added to show their personality a bit more.  I did 2 shoots with them, one about 6 weeks before the big day, and then the wedding day itself.  I hope you enjoy them both!

Bountiful Utah Wedding Video – Kristen & Jeff

So, February in Utah can be pretty nasty. You think the winter thaw is just about to begin, then you get slammed by a huge storm again. And then repeated a few times. So was the day when Kristen & Jeff were married at the Bountiful Utah Temple. But what I love about winter brides, is they choose to see the positive–I just got married! This day is awesome! No matter about the sideways snow and freezing temperatures.
Kristen & Jeff are an amazing, sweet, beautiful couple, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to shoot their wedding video. It was great to spend the day with them and their families (which happened to be my family as well since Jeff is my cousin). I really loved working with their photographer, Elisabeth Kate Photography, they were awesome! And good luck to Kristen & Jeff, may you have a wonderful and happy life together.