Salt Lake Temple Film – Jessica & Jason

It was a lovely spring day in Utah.  Which means it was kind of cold and rainy.  It was a good thing there was such a large family for this couple, because they were able to keep each other warm!  We ended up moving into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for most of the family and group pictures.  Luckily, the rain died down enough to go back outside for the couples shots.  Jessica and Jason were awesome!

Manti Temple Film – Kylie & Andrew

The Manti Temple is one of my favorite places to film.  I’ve probably already mentioned that, but it’s worth saying again.  The temple is majestic, I love the stairs, and the rolling hills on the grounds.  Lovely.  Kylie and Andrew outshine all of that.

Salt Lake Temple Film – Brooke & Tim

Sometimes life throws you curve balls, and turns out a bit differently than you hope for.  But through our faith in the gospel, we can still find happiness and joy.  That’s what I saw when I spent time with Brooke and Tim on their wedding day, along with Brooke’s four cute kids.  Hope you enjoy their temple film!

Reception Film – Crystal & Alan

Last year I had the immense pleasure of filming two receptions for some good friends of mine.  I really love this family–they are so kind and inviting and FUN.  Here’s a look at one of these receptions, for their daughter Crystal.  It was at this amazing little park in Cedar Hills, with ducks and a forest and everything.  Enjoy!