10 Free Temple Films for our 10th Anniversary!

We’re so excited for 2013, it’s our 10 year anniversary!  To celebrate, we thought it would be great to give away 10 free temple films!  To qualify, it must be for a temple we’ve never shot at before, and you must purchase any of our packages.  Also, any travel fee still applies.  If you’re wondering which temples we’ve filmed at, just click on the Temple Films link at the top of the page.  Whoever books a new temple first, gets the free temple film, so contact us asap!   Plus, for those that don’t qualify for this deal, we’re offering 10% off all of our pricing for this year!

UPDATE:  We have now booked 4 of the 10 Free Temple Films!  Stay tuned for the Boise Idaho Temple, the Dallas Texas Temple, the Newport Beach California Temple, and the Los Angeles California Temple!

Utah Wedding Video | 10 Free Temple Films

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  1. Happy Anniversary! We are getting married August 17th in the San Diego Temple. Don’t think I saw the video for that temple yet. Interested in seeing what pricing packages look like for out of state and if we qualify for the anniversary package.

    • Lizzy,
      We haven’t filmed at San Diego yet, so it would qualify for our 10 Free Temple Films promotion. We’ve sent you an email with pricing information as well. Thanks!

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