Oquirrh Mountain Temple Film – Kari & Kelton

I really love shooting at the Oquirrh Mountain temple. It’s a very majestic building with lots of cool surroundings, plus it was great weather on Friday for Kari & Kelton. They’re a really fun couple. Watch out for the shot of Kelton hanging out of the van–there wasn’t enough room for him so he improvised!

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  1. Question–

    Is there a program I need to download in order to see the vimeo videos better? They never work right with my computer…stop start–lots of music not matching the video, etc. Any suggestions would be great!

    Thanks! Mary

    • There is a button on the right side of the video that says HD is on/off. If your computer is having problems, click it to Off, and perhaps let the video load fully before pushing play. Hope that helps!

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