Megan & Cory–Salt Lake Temple Film

January 11 was a beautiful day for filming a wedding–the clouds and the snow provided some great lighting–although I think I appreciated it a bit more than Megan and Cory because it was quite cold for them.  But it doesn’t show at all in their wedding film.  They are a great couple who really enjoy each other, and I really enjoyed working with them and their family.  Another great thing about working in Utah is there are so many different photographers to work with.  Megan and Cory chose Chris Wood, with Robert Wood Photography, to help capture their day.  They have a great portfolio, and you can see some of their work here.�

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  1. Wow Spencer. I didn’t realize you liked the cold so much!!! :) You’re right though. Megan and I did get cold but you really can’t see it in our faces. I just wanted to let you know that we were thrilled with our video… Great job and thank you once again… And congratulations on becoming President-elect of the UPVA.

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