UPVA Creative Excellence Awards

UPVA 06 Awards

Last night was the 5th annual UPVA (Utah Professional Videographers Association ) Creative Excellence Awards Banquet. Me and my fellow videographers have been looking forward to this night for a long time. We tried something really cool and new this year for the judging. We had professional videographers from around the country, judge our videos online, It was alot of work creating the website, but it worked out really smooth.

It was held at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and the food was awesome. Giant Brothers was happy to recieve 2 more UPVA Creative Excellence Awards, (One for our Wedding Demo, and one for an awesome reception we did last year)  as well as some special recognition for our help on the Board of Directors. It was great to have my beautiful wife DeAnn there, and it was a fun night for all.

The 6th Annual UPVA 2007 awards are coming up soon as well, and we are excited to work with the awesome UPVA Board again, to put together another great competition and awards night.

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