Red Butte Gardens–Asmeret’s Bridal Film

It was a beautiful rainy day in July when we shot this bridal film of Asmeret.  Some of you might recognize the gorgeous surroundings of Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City.  I think that everything put together–the location, the weather, the music, and especially the bride–made this a fantastic video.  Asmeret’s family is currently in Africa and unfortunately are not able to attend the wedding.  I hope that the film we produce for them, by some small part, helps them feel like they are a part of this wonderful event.  Good luck to the happy couple, Asmeret and Yonas!  They will be getting married on August 25, and I will be posting some highlights of their ceremony as soon as possible.

Location: Red Butte Gardens
Photographer: Jeremy Rasmussen, Deep Focus Studios

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  1. The video turned out great. I really like it, my favorite part is a place where, at least I believe, my camera flash fired and you were able to use it combined with an effect.

    Anyway, Great job. The wedding was fun.

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